​​​Solo exhibitions:

2013 – “Mutatis Mutandis”. Contemporary Art Museum “Casa Redonda”.  Chihuahua.  México.
2013 – “Mutatis Mutandis”.  Autonomous University of Coahuila. Saltillo. Mexico.
2012 – “Mutatis Mutandis”. Ibero University Gallery of Torreon. Torreon, Coahuila. Mexico.
2012 – “Mutatis Mutandis”. Gallery 10-10. México, DF
2011 – “Maquinaciones” (Machinations). Lombillo Palace. Cuba
2010 – “El truco y la forma” (Trick and Form). Ruben Martinez Villena Gallery.  UNEAC. Cuba.
2007 – Personal Displays. Gallery 10-10. Mexico DF
2006 – “Drawings and Collages”. Museum of Guanabacoa. Cuba.
2006 – “Entramado Metáforico” (Lattice Metaphorical). UNAICC Gallery. Cuba.
2005 – “Y ahora hacia donde nos lleva el viento” (And Now to Where We Take the Wind). Hamburg. Germany.
2004 – “Sin Título. Para no involucrar” (No Title. To No Involve). Origins Gallery. Cuba.
2003 – “Ingenios y Decisiones” (Wits and Decisions). Exhibition on the anniversary  of the Hotel Sevilla,Sevilla Hotel Lobby. Cuba.
1999 – “Ellos los que levitan” (They Those Who Levitate). Da Vinci Photomechanics. Cuba.

Group Exhibitions:
2014 – Revelacion-es: Contemporary Cuban Art. Museo Regional de la Laguna. Torreón, Coahuila. México.
2013 – Artrageous Gallery. Art Basel & Art Miami Collateral. Coral Gables. USA
2013 – Revelación. MUSES Contemporary Art Museum. Hermosillo, Sonora. Mexico.
2013 – Amarte. Gallery 10/10. México, D.F.
2013 – Museo Reyes Meza. Nuevo Laredo. Mexico.
2012 – Once Upon an Island ... Gallery of the Ministry of Finance Public. Mexico, D.F.
2012 –Contemporary Art Show. Ricart Gallery. Miami. USA
2012 – Hall of Plastic 2012. Embassy of Cuba. Mexico, DF
2012 – Library Museum PAPE. Monclova, Coahuila. Mexico.
2012 – Museum of Contemporary Art "Casa Redonda". Chihuahua. México.
2012 – Revelation. 11na Havana Biennial. Cuba
2012 – Revelation. Museum of the Autonomous University of Coahuila. Saltillo, Coahuila. Mexico
2011 – Revelación. Museo Regional de la Laguna. Torreon, Coahuila. México.
2011 – Revelación. National Art Museum. México, D.F.
2010 – Group Exhibition for the 80th Anniversary of the National Hotel of Cuba.
2009 – Show the Revelation book launch. Florida Hotel. Cuba
2009 – Revelation. Fernando Boada Gallery. Havana, Cuba. Collateral of the X Havana Biennial.
2009 – Exis Group, “Con – Vivencias”. Latin Union. Havana, Cuba. Collateral of the X Havana  Biennial.
2008 – Group Exhibitions of Cuban Artists, exclusive shop “Carrara”,Mexico, D.F.
2008 – Group exhibition of Cuban landscape painters and artists Mexican, The Gallery 10/10 and the golf club "Forests ", Mexico D.F.
2008 – Show Exis Group in Civil Society "Heritage, Community and Environment”. Havana, Cuba.

2008 – Completion of the mural “Between Heaven and Earth” with plastic artist Arturo Montoto. Havana, Cuba.
2008 – Exis Group, “Convergences”. Havana Club. Cuba.
2008 – Exis Project, "Dialogues". Embassy of Portugal. Cuba.
2007 – Group Exhibition Gallery 10/10 and the Hotel Vesta, Santa Fe, Mexico City.
2007 – Exis Project, “Good Appetite”. Restaurant "El Templete”. Cuba.
2007 – Show in Comodoro Gallery. Comodoro Hotel. Cuba.
2006 – “Cuban Contemporary Art”. The Hague. Holland.
2005 – “Cubart”. Gubbio. Italy.
2005 – “Landscape its edges”. Origins Gallery. Cuba.
2004 – “Visions and Reflections”. Origins Gallery. Cuba.
2004 – “Women”. Origins Gallery. Cuba.
2003 – Shows in the Victor Manuel Gallery. Cuba.
2003 – Galartes. Art Gallery. Mexico. Guest artist.
2003 – “Among Angels, Elves And ...” Origins Gallery. Cuba.
2002 – “Limited Edition”. UNAICC Gallery. Cuba.
2000 – 1st Erotic Art Exhibition, La Acacia Gallery. Cuba.
1998 – “We Newcomers Brats A Reflection”. Concha Ferrant Gallery. Cuba.
1998 – “Surrealists”. House of Culture of Guanabacoa. Cuba.
1998 – “Footprint Plural”, The Golden Bough Gallery. Panama City. Panama.
1997 – 1st Anniversary the Caqüeiro Workshop, Student House Liberty City Gallery. Cuba.
1997 – “Exhibitions For My Thesis” San Alejandro Gallery. Cuba
1997 – “Echoes Of A Thesis”. Raul Milian Gallery. Cuba.
1997 – “Young Cuban Painting”, City of Borba, Portugal.
1996 – “Academic 96”. San Alejandro Gallery. Cuba.

Charity Auction

2012 – Project TAM "Leaving Traces”. Mexico DF.
2008 – Pro Mazahua Industrial Club and 10/10 Gallery. Mexico, DF.
2008 – ACURA and 10/10 Gallery to benefit: DIF of Oaxaca. Mexico, DF.
2008 – Agricultural Banamex Center and 10/10 Gallery. México, DF.
2008 – Mexico Institute and 10/10 Gallery. Mexico, DF.
2008 – “Mexico - Colombia – Cuba”, organized by the Embassy of Colombia in Mexico and 10/10 Gallery, Hacienda Los Morales. México, DF.
2007 – 10/10 Gallery and ACURA, Pedregal. Mexico, DF.
2007 – FESORMEX, Papalote Children's Museum and 10/10 Gallery. Mexico, DF.
2007 – 10/10 Gallery and The Supply Center. Mexico, DF.
2007 – General Motors INP. Mexico, DF.
2007 – Extravaganza, 10/10 Gallery and the Hotel Vesta, Santa Fe. Mexico, D.F.


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  • Review in the newspaper “El Universal of Panama” on the occasion of the exhibition “Footprint Plural” (Plastic Cuban) in the Gallery The Golden Bough, Panama, April 24, 1998.

His works are in private collections in Cuba, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Italy, Canada, Mexico, United States, Israel, Costa Rica, the Netherlands, Panama and France.

Yaumil Hernández Gil (Havana, Cuba, July 18, 1972). Graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts "San Alejandro" in 1997. From 1997 to 1999 he was Instructor of Fine Arts. Independent artist. 

curriculum vitae

Yaumil Hernandez Gil